“Thank you, wind.”

by Kay Klinkenborg Amid a magical spring day, our 2-½-year old granddaughter, known affectionately as “little teacher,” brought profound simple wisdom in her response to her first pinwheel. Rosie was enamored. At first, her short little fingers had to explore the wooden dowel and then turn the multicolored petals by hand. She watched with intensity as… Continue reading “Thank you, wind.”

Just a few more weeks until…

Yeah, I’m still here. And I’m trying to finish these last few weeks before Sabbatical—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I begin with two words: Thank you! Thank you for these past six years in which we have journeyed together. There are so many instances where I have seen God at work within the walls of this church… Continue reading Just a few more weeks until…

A Thanksgiving Message From the Moderators

When November rolls around, our thoughts turn toward thankfulness, reengaging and fellowship with friends (old and new), and embracing the spirit of giving. Our winter visitors (AKA snowbirds) are returning from the colder climes to the pleasant warmth of Sun City in the winter. Our hearts are full of joy for the blessings we have… Continue reading A Thanksgiving Message From the Moderators

An exploding turkey and a homework assignment

Sue Bender, in her book, Everyday Sacred, describes what happened when she and her husband went to a lawyer to make a will and living trust. “What would you like to do in case there’s an exploding turkey?” the lawyer asked. “Exploding turkey?” she asked. “What if the whole family was together for Thanksgiving and… Continue reading An exploding turkey and a homework assignment

Thanks for choosing The Palms!

Grat-i-tude (grat’ – a – tud) n. thankfulness [L. gratus, pleasing, thankful]. Thank you for choosing The Church of the Palms. Your presence, participation, and sharing of your time, talent and treasure makes this place so special. In a world where there are a lot of choices, thanks for choosing The Palms! There are so… Continue reading Thanks for choosing The Palms!