How to assess your emotional bandwidth

by Kay Klinkenborg Broad bandwidth for cell phones went to 5G in late February in this part of AZ. I just traded in an old iPhone 6, and when I looked at the bars of signal strength, there it was: 5G. Oxford Dictionary gives two definitions:   A range of frequencies within a given band… Continue reading How to assess your emotional bandwidth

David’s Discernings: ONA Sunday

written by Rev. David Klingensmith I am proud to be a member of this congregation that proudly flies the rainbow flag and welcomes members of the LGBTQ+ community to join us on the journey. More than 1,760 UCC congregations have adopted Open and Affirming covenants. This is so important because LGBTQ+ folks are facing continued… Continue reading David’s Discernings: ONA Sunday

Life lessons can be uncomfortable!

by Linette Stenberg The other day I heard something on TV that got me thinking. The news commentator said that the reason many parents don’t want their children to be exposed to particular school lessons or books is that they would be made uncomfortable. Well…as I remember my childhood, being uncomfortable was an important life… Continue reading Life lessons can be uncomfortable!

Grace and glue: two strange partners

by Kay Klinkenborg Grace and glue. Two strange partners. In this harried, frightening, and disordered time, how can I step into grace? There is an element that needs to take place, whether in 3 minutes, 30 minutes, or an hour. It is silence. Stop. Step back. Listen. Absorb. BE SILENT!  Pause, take a personal inventory… Continue reading Grace and glue: two strange partners

“Thank you, wind.”

by Kay Klinkenborg Amid a magical spring day, our 2-½-year old granddaughter, known affectionately as “little teacher,” brought profound simple wisdom in her response to her first pinwheel. Rosie was enamored. At first, her short little fingers had to explore the wooden dowel and then turn the multicolored petals by hand. She watched with intensity as… Continue reading “Thank you, wind.”