A letter from Teddy

(Pastor Paul’s very good dog friend)

There is a LOT to look forward to at Church of the Palms this month!

  • August 7th is the first Sunday of the month, and you know what that means: it’s Communion Sunday! Pastor Jim will be in the pulpit with this challenge: can we ever really know faith without knowing doubt? I wonder about this, too. Like can I ever reeeeally know that chicken is my favorite if I haven’t tasted beef? (Hint hint, mom).
  • The Palms’ very own Dr. Phil Ladd is bringing the message on Sunday, August 14. He’s going to talk about how, sometimes, when you work to make the world a more peaceful/equitable place, the opposite can happen. Don’t lose hope! Do like I do — anticipate a treat around every corner. And speaking of treats: this Sunday, we will also welcome back Pastor Paul and Wendy from their three-month sabbatical!
  • Pastor Paul returns to the pulpit on Sunday, August 21st. He’s going to give us his top 10 list of sabbatical moments. I sure have missed his lists, and puns, and the fun we share, and the snacks like pita and tomatoes. Oh hey, tomatoes go in salads! Don’t forget about the Super Summer Salad Spectacular after Sunday Worship!

Have a great August and stay cool! I have tips for the last part, but mom says humans don’t much lie on the tile floor like dogs do.

May you find a treat around every corner,