Church of the Palms UCC WISE


The Church of the Palms UCC decided in January 2020 to explore certification as a W.I.S.E. congregation for mental health under the guidelines of the UCC General Synod. The UCC General Synod voted in 2015 to overwhelmingly adopt a resolution to develop a network of churches that are welcoming, inclusive, supportive and engaged (W.I.S.E.) for mental health.

The Palms remains committed to the whole person: all of their life experiences, joys, concerns, sorrows. We offer the following resources:

Supporting Others

Owning Your Feelings

Creating Healthy Routines

Eliminating Toxic Influences

Learn the techniques and benefits of TONGLEN as taught by Kay Klinkenborg.

Transform Negative Emotions Into Positive Thoughts—with Kay Klinkenborg