Church of the Palms UCC WISE

The Church of the Palms UCC in January 2021 received certification as a W.I.S.E. congregation for mental health under the guidelines of the UCC General Synod. The UCC General Synod voted in 2015 to overwhelmingly adopt a resolution to develop a network of churches that are welcoming, inclusive, supportive and engaged (W.I.S.E.) for mental health.

The Palms remains committed to the whole person: all of their life experiences, joys, concerns, sorrows. We offer the following resources:

The RAINBOW Path to Healing & Mental Wellness

The Crisis Standard of Care

Can Spirituality Decrease Depression?

Signs of Mental Health Crisis

A Safe Space to Talk About Suicide

Self Care and Personal Wellness for Caregivers

Not Again…Contemplations for Faith & Hope Amid Latest COVID Surge

Caregiving: Alzheimer’s Disease

Caregiving: Tips for When a Loved One has a Stroke

Let’s Talk About Caregiving

Banish Boredom with an Activity a Day for July

Words For You, a Juneteenth Slam Poem

Race-Based Traumatic Stress

A National Model for Whole-Person Care

What if One Word Could Say It?

The Ripple Effect of Mental Illness

Make the World a Better Place for People with Mental Health Challenges

Mental Health Sunday

Taking Charge of Your Mental Health

Mental Illness, Recovery, and the Science Behind It

Channel the Depressed Brain

Be Gentle to Yourself, Others

January 2021: Start the New Year WISE

God’s Promises: S is for Shining Forth

God’s Promises: E is for Endued

God’s Promises: S is for Steadfast

God’s Promises: I is for Initiator

God’s Promises: M is for Mercy

God’s Promises: O is for Overture

God’s Promises: R is for Ready

God’s Promises: P is for Proclamation

You are Not Alone: Writing the Psalms

Strength Over Silence: You are Not Alone

Strength Over Silence: Discovering my Superpower

Strength Over Silence: Tackling Mental Health Stigma

Intense Feelings: Defuse Them

Checklist for Preparedness at Home

Invigorate, be Valiant, and Exhilarate Yourself and Those Around You

Self Talk

Treat yourself!

Optimal Grace and Generous Self-Care

Ideas for Finding Calm

When is Grief a Problem?

Self Talk: Identifying, Challenging, Changing

Grief: Letting yourself heal

Anger: Styles of Communication

Processing Anger; Managing Grief

Understanding Grief

Overcoming Anger

Supporting Others

Owning Your Feelings

Creating Healthy Routines

Eliminating Toxic Influences

Finding the Positive After Loss

Anger and Grief Management

Read Shea Darian’s article about “a new way of doing grief.”

WISE Moment for Mental Wellness: Intense Emotions

View and print this resource: Intense Feelings: Defuse Them

Shea Darian: Grief as a Creative Life Force

Comfort in a Basket – with Kay Klinkenborg.

Learn the techniques and benefits of TONGLEN as taught by Kay Klinkenborg.

Transform Negative Emotions Into Positive Thoughts—with Kay Klinkenborg