We have to first look at ourselves

Written by Rev. David Klingensmith

Red states, blue states. Pro-choice, anti-abortion. For or against gay marriage or gun control. Our nation appears to be very divided on so many issues. It can be challenging to even attempt to talk to others who espouse very different points of view. And it is especially difficult when both parties claim to be Christian, and are trying to assert what they see as the “truth.”

In today’s Gospel, Jesus talks about how people are divided, even within households. Faith stances regarding various issues can be cause for division. Some may never be resolved. But in many cases the problem is that there has never been true dialogue. We seem to have lost the ability to discuss civilly.

The designers of Crucial Conversations training point out that we have to first look at ourselves. What is the point or issue that we are wanting to address? What are the trigger points that may put us on the defensive? How does the other person best receive communication? Only then can we be open to exploring others’ paths in a pool of shared meaning.