Thank you

The phrase, “Thank you,” is an odd one. It can be over used while underused at the same time. In any of its forms, “thank you,” “thanks,” or “thankful” there is a sentiment we need to use more intentionally. Because gratitude, despite what the Hokey – Pokey says, is what it’s all about.

Gratitude is the dominant emotion of my heart these last three months at The Palms. I’m grateful that our leadership and congregation sent Pastor Jim on sabbatical. In doing so, we valued his leadership enough to know that it was time for discernment in his life. That reflection will bless us as we journey together in the future.

Thank you is also the phrase expressing my feelings for all the planning team who covered Pastor Jim’s many roles at The Palms. The volunteers stepped up in ways beyond my imagination! Thank you to our office peeps: Bertie, Jane, Jeannie, Mary, Nancy, Suzanne, and Wendy. You were awesome! Thank you to those who preached this summer, visited folks, led in worship services, and led meetings.

You were terrific! Sun City, the sign says, is the city of volunteers. It’s true! I’m thankful for everyone who continues to be a presence for Social Justice in the community and world. Thank you for pricking our consciousness and reminding us again and again that there is still much work to be done to be the church, the palms of Jesus.

Thanks, as well, to the staff at The Palms. Jen has been marvelous at leading music in worship and working with our volunteers. Thanks to people who shared music – the variety of special music we had was wonderful. Jen also has been working to help pick the choir pieces for September so that when Pastor Jim returns, he can ease his way back into leadership. Nicole has been a stable presence in the office and handles so many day-to-day things. We are blessed to have her and her organizational skills here.

And thank you, finally, to everyone who makes The Palms such a great place in which to work and worship. You are awesomeness defined!

Pastor Paul