Creation Justice Sunday: April 21

Our Creation Justice Team will be leading worship this Sunday in celebration of Earth Day.

Earth Day is an annual reminder that climate change has a major impact on our planet, our lives, and our future. It can also increase awareness and drive change. From LED lighting to solar panels to using compostable products to refillable water bottles to tracking our carbon footprint, our Creation Justice Team has challenged us to examine how we live.

Earth Day began in 1970 as more people in the United States and across the globe became aware of the environmental impact caused by humans. Before the 1970’s, many people considered air and water pollution a normal and expected part of life. Celebrating Earth Day each year is vital because it recognizes the harm caused to the environment while showing support across the globe for protecting the Earth.

Earth Day may only be one day each year, but we can treat every day like Earth Day! I hope you will join me and participate in our Creation Justice Sunday.

Shalom, Paul