There is beauty in the cycles of life. There is a level of comfort in the familiarity. In the garden, we’re transitioning from springtime where we can grow practically anything and everything to heat tolerant plants. Plus, we’re trying to find shade for those who need protection from the blistering sun of summer.

At home we are getting our AC checked out to prepare for the summer heat. With the morning being light earlier and earlier, we’re moving our early morning coffee drinking from the sunny east side to the shady west side.

At Wendy’s school, they’re transitioning from mandated state testing to end of the school year fun activities. Assembling the staff for next year is happening.

At the church we’re transitioning from crowds of people which includes our winter friends to our summer faithful. Whether you are heading up north for cooler climates or hunkering down for onslaught of heat, we’re glad you helped us bee the church.

There are even transitions as we age (I know that now that I’ve graduated from our youth group). But there are constants, too. We are a seven-days-a-week, three hundred-and-sixty-six days a year church. While we go through transitions, I’m glad that every Sunday we can gather and be reminded of our common journeys and then sent out to bee the church. In all of life, thanks for journeying with me.

Shalom, Paul