The ONE thing we know for sure about the real history of Thanksgiving

A letter written in 1621 containing only 115 words inspired the growth of an American tradition that became a national holiday: Thanksgiving. There are several assumptions that are far from factual about that event; things like the Pilgrims taking over empty land, the Wampanoag people being uncivilized, the Pilgrims being peaceful while the natives were savages.

History is rarely that simple – the real story is a lot more complicated.

There are many myths concerning the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag peoples. The Mayflower voyagers were not the first explorers to the area. English, Dutch, French explorers plus fishermen and traders arrived years before the Mayflower. There was neither pumpkin pie nor cranberry sauce at the 1621 harvest celebration.

So, here’s the challenge: be willing to stretch your heart and mind and learn the facts – the real facts of what happened, what did not, and what Hollywood has implanted in our brains. Listen to learn. Read the stories from the Wampanoag perspective as you will be blessed.

The one factual thing that has come down from all of our cultural myths – giving thanks is always a good thing! Find a way to give thanks today.

Shalom, Paul