Just a few more weeks until…

Yeah, I’m still here. And I’m trying to finish these last few weeks before Sabbatical—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. I begin with two words: Thank you!
Thank you for these past six years in which we have journeyed together. There are so many instances where I have seen God at work within the walls of this church and in the community. We are being the church! Thanks be to God. You have blessed my family and me countless times with love, grace, and support. And so, I say, “Thank you.”
Thank you for allowing this Sabbatical to happen. I hope it will be a time of discernment and renewal for both you and me. I hope you can support our team of leaders: Pastor Jim, Rev. David Klingensmith, John Durbin, Rev. Max and Kay Klinkenborg, Dr. Phil Ladd, our Office Manager Lindsey Riley, our Chair of the Executive Board Suzanne Boisclair, and many others who will help out this summer. I hope you can support them like you have supported me.
I just have a few more weeks with you, May 1, 8, & 15, before the Sabbatical starts. There will be a cookout and ministry fair at The Palms on May 15. Good food, great conversation, and much laughter will happen. At that celebration, the wide variety of ministry opportunities at the church will be represented at tables; you can go around and learn of the vast ministries we are doing.
Thank you for being the church while I am here and while I am away. And, most importantly, thank you for the privilege of returning to you—it is something that I do not take lightly. You have heard that I’m coming back, right?  Monday, August 15 I’ll be back in the office. Sunday, August 21, will be my first time back in the pulpit.  I hope you are in worship that Sunday and every Sunday in between now and then.
Shalom, Paul