Connecting names and faces challenges all of us

Have you ever wondered what the name of the person sitting beside you on the pew? They just introduced themselves, but you haven’t a clue what they said. Plus, recalling their story (where they are from, what did they retire from, who is their family, etc) can be even more perplexing to our memory.
Connecting names and faces challenges all of us. Thus, we are putting out a new pictorial directory. But it’s more than just names and faces! It also will contain brief paragraphs about each person so that we can get to know them better. One of the features our new directory will have is the ability to be easily updated as our membership changes. The congregation will be divided into hives (Get it? It’s bee themed! A honey of an idea!) which will enable us to stay closely connected.  
This Sunday we are giving out our new directories. Make sure you get yours in King Hall during our fellowship hour. Then look at the names and faces, read the bios, and reach out to those with whom you find commonalities as well as differences.
Our thanks to Nancy Mueller (and her crew of busy bees), and Pastor Jim for their oversight of this project.
Shalom, Paul