A place of safety, healing, and peace for grieving people

More than any other time in my ministry, I am aware of people grieving. We grieve all sorts of things: death, loss of independence, loss of income, loss of physical attributes, loss of relationships. The list is long and powerfully personal.

To address this monumental ministry, Rev. Shea Darian started working with our leadership. How can we help grieving people? The Doing Grief Healing Project at The Palms is the result. Based in our chapel, Shea has begun transforming the space into a place of safety, healing, and peace – with room for all people.

This Sunday, March 19 is the dedication of that space and that ministry. Shea will be preaching. Our Associate Conference Minister in the SWC will be here to help bless this ministry. It’s an important Sunday for us at The Palms. I hope you make a special effort to be here and join in our ministry with grieving people.

Shalom, Paul