Keeping it real

Ever get the feeling that you can’t ask those kinds of questions at church, let alone in private? You know, those inquiries – the tough, keep-you-at-wake-at-night, soul-stirring, self-examining questions! The ones not answered in a 15-second sound bite. Lent is a marvelous time for us to look at ourselves and see what we need to keep and what we need to turn away from.

To be real, to be authentic, and to be who God is calling us to be, we have to provide a safe community for you to be you and for me to be me. And the foundation of that safe place starts with each of us being honest with ourselves and others. Honesty takes the brains, heart, and courage to be vulnerable to reveal not only our strengths but our weaknesses.

I try my best to be real. I have the audacity to expect the same from you. None of us needs to be perfect, just our true selves.  Together, we are on a journey of faithfulness. Together, we are The Church of the Palms, the palms of Jesus, where it is not only okay to ask tough questions, but also necessary to come alive.

I’m glad to be journeying with you. Namaste.

Shalom, Paul