Coming in March: Get to know women in Perryville in a new way

by Nancy Nonini

The “Straight from the Heart” Art Exhibit featuring art from currently and formerly incarcerated women is coming to Church of the Palms during the month of March. The artwork on display was created primarily by women who attend the Episcopal worship services at Perryville Women’s Prison in Goodyear.

Rev. Kim Crecca

Rev. Kim Crecca participated in those worship services and knows many of the artists personally. She will be hosting a discussion at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 5th, in King Hall, where you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions as you learn more about these artists and the creative ways they find to express themselves through arts and crafts, as well as the importance of art in their lives.

One artist stated, “I do arts & crafts to release my anxiety and to stay out of trouble. It takes me out of my head and relaxes me.” Another commented, “I do arts & crafts because it gives me peace of mind in a world of chaos. I’m in for life and art allows me a freedom I’ll never have again.”