“Did-Ya-Know?” top ten

10. Did you know that we expanded our Feet-n-More Shower Trailer ministry in 2021? It traveled from Sun City to Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Tempe – all over the metropolitan area.
8. Did you know that buying Girl Scout cookies and donating them to the church office is calorie-free?
7. Did you know that we received over $518K in financial gifts for our ministry budget and our greening of the church in 2021?
6. Did you know that we directly support and work with a half-dozen other churches across denominational lines in the valley of the sun to support their ministry?
5. Did you know we just had the best January financially that we have had since I arrived six years ago?
4. Did you know that because of our implementation of safe policies, we have been able to worship in-person, and no one has gotten Covid due to a church event!
3. Did you know that on Thursdays our Office Manager, Lindsey, brings her dog to work and the day is transformed into Teddy Thursdays?
2. Did you know that there was no number 9 on this list? 7 ate 9.
1. Did you know that we are building a new church that is flexible, not a building of brick and mortar but with our Constitution and Bylaws, a new church through policies and procedures, governance and guidance, mission and ministry?
May 2022 be a year where we “Dream BIG, Act BOLDLY, and Love GOD.”
Shalom, Paul