Update from the MOD(erator) Squad

You may recall that in our first Mod Squad Palm Leaf article, we promised to use this space to keep you posted on our church leadership priorities for the year. They are: Planning and implementing in-person worship services. Fully implementing the WISE Congregation for Mental Wellness Program. Supporting and expanding the work of the Social… Continue reading Update from the MOD(erator) Squad

“How long, O Lord?”

“How long, O Lord?” the Psalmist cried.  We, too, ask that question: How long, O Lord? How long until this? How long until that?  How long do we have to wear masks? Take temps? Register attendance? Use hand sanitizer? How long are we going to have a truncated worship service? What about singing? What about entering and… Continue reading “How long, O Lord?”

We are dreamers who do

What is the church going to look like when we emerge from the tomb of quarantine? Jesus’ appearance had changed; will ours? The person, the church who emerges from quarantine doesn’t have to be the same old person or institution. And what better time for transformation than now, when we have this new opportunity to… Continue reading We are dreamers who do

Returning to in-person indoor worship 5/2/2021

I’ve been waiting for this Sunday for a long, long time. I confess I have a mixed bag of emotions surrounding it: excitement, anxiety, hope, fear, joy, worry, and gratitude all blended together. Maybe you are in a similar situation. In any case, this Sunday is the day! And together we will support one another… Continue reading Returning to in-person indoor worship 5/2/2021

Easter Morning In-Person Worship at The Church of the Palms

Have you reserved your spot for the in-person worship service at 9:00 a.m. on Easter Sunday? The deadline to register is April 1. Click this link or call 623.748.3574 so we can be prepared to welcome you. This is an outdoor service, so make sure to wear your Easter bonnet! And sunscreen! And, of course,… Continue reading Easter Morning In-Person Worship at The Church of the Palms

Favorite Hymn Singing!

On June 7th we’ll begin our services with FAVORITE HYMN SINGING!! This will continue throughout the summer months. Browse the hymnal by clicking here OR you can just provide the titles of your favorite hymns. Once you have decided what you would like to submit, click on this link, type in your titles and hit the submit button.… Continue reading Favorite Hymn Singing!