Going hybrid

I drive a hybrid vehicle. I have driven one since 2007. Hybrid vehicles combine at least one electric motor with a gasoline engine to move the car, and its system recaptures energy via regenerative braking. Sometimes the electric motor does all the work, sometimes it’s the gas engine, and sometimes they work together. The result is less gasoline burned and, therefore, better fuel economy. I confess that it took me a while to learn how to drive a hybrid vehicle to maximize the fuel economy. I had to relearn how to start the car — no turning the key — just push a button. But, with experience came knowledge, with knowledge came results.

The Church of the Palms is entering a hybrid time. We are going to be doing some in-person meetings, some online groups, and some gatherings that are both at the same time. We hope to get better spiritual fuel economy using the hybrid model. My guess is that it will take a while to learn how to drive a hybrid church to maximize spiritual economy. But with experience will come knowledge, with knowledge will hopefully come results.

What we are trying to do is adjust our sails and take advantage of every spiritual blessing we can as we go onward. When we can safely include people for in-person worship, classes, and fellowship, we will push that pedal. When our online bridges program can give us the mileage to reach people far away, we need to push those buttons. Hopefully, working together to create a hybrid church, learning what works and what does not, we will grow the church spiritually. Thanks for journeying onward with me.