The sky is falling!

by Howard Schenk

Chicken Little was an alarmist. So am I. 

The sky is not falling but the seas are rising. 

Many around the globe are alarmed at the prospects of climate change. For instance, scientists tell us to keep warming below 1.5 Celsius, we must reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030. That’s not long!

The earth’s temperature has increased 1.1 Celsius since the dawn of the industrial age (1750 AD). 2030 will be catastrophic for much of the world unless we act now.

The earth is a critically ill patient. Only humans can reduce climate sickness by significantly reducing the burning of fossil fuels. Other well-known steps must be taken.

Will we act in time? My alarm is that humanity is not sufficiently serious in the healing of its planetary home. The future well-being of this tiny speck in the universe is in doubt!

The God of beginnings has blessed all of creation with a marvelous inter relationship.  We humans are “special” if we use our evolving knowledge and management skills for earth’s good. 

Here’s hoping!