Sabbatical Time: What to Expect

Pastor Paul is on Sabbatical through August 15, 2022. Here’s what to expect:

Pastor Paul

While on Sabbatical, he and Wendy will travel to see family in the Midwest and California and go overseas and see the sites of London, England. Look closely and you will also find him hugging a giant sequoia, putting his toes in Oak Creek in Sedona, and walking the labyrinth at the Redemptorist Renewal Center in Tucson.

He will also be working on projects at home: planting, building, and setting up his backyard, as well as working on a project to bring photos and colorful stories to a coffee table book near you.

Church of the Palms

A caring and dedicated group has been addressing all the aspects of what Pastor Paul and Wendy do at The Palms. Pastor Jim will cover about half of the preaching schedule – the other half will be filled by other clergy within The Palms. Pastoral care will be handled by Pastor Jim, Rev. David Klingensmith, and Kay Klinkenborg. Various people will be “guest editors” for weekly Paul at the Palms newsletter.

What You Can Do

Pray. That is, pray for the church, for Pastor Paul and his family, for Pastor Jim and all the others who will be stepping up their responsibilities. Pray for yourself asking God to guide you during this Sabbatical time.

Volunteer. Maybe prayer will lead you to share your time and talent. Contact Lindsey in the church office on ways you can be of service.

Attend. Be present at the regular church functions and help support the leadership of those groups.

Dream Big, Act Boldly, and Love God.