What broken thing is there too “broke” for God to mend?

In an old poem by John Masefield, entitled “The Widow in the Bye Street,” there is a scene of dramatic agony. A young man is about to be executed for crimes against the state, and in the crowd that is gathered to witness this horrific event stands his widowed mother who is about to be… Continue reading What broken thing is there too “broke” for God to mend?


“Lantana is a high maintenance weed that will take over in the summer and die back in the winter. I hate it.” Yep. That’s what I said, and it is how I felt for most of my adult life. I have removed established lantana bushes from many yards.  Until… Until is a powerful word. It… Continue reading Pulchritudinous

Not Again…What Do We Do Now?

by Kay Klinkenborg Disappointed, angry, frustrated, discouraged, maybe even despair.  Here we are again with COVID cases rising.  We set our hopes and dreams on a different outcome and projected what our future for 2021 would hold.   But maybe, just maybe that is what creates our pain, of not accepting ‘reality’ as it is.   We… Continue reading Not Again…What Do We Do Now?