When is a quart not a quart and a pound not a pound?

When is a quart not a quart and a pound not a pound? If you check your local grocery store, you’ll find plenty of examples. What I’m relaying is a recent conversation noting that the sizes of many of the things we’re accustomed to buying are smaller than they used to be. What used to… Continue reading When is a quart not a quart and a pound not a pound?


“Lantana is a high maintenance weed that will take over in the summer and die back in the winter. I hate it.” Yep. That’s what I said, and it is how I felt for most of my adult life. I have removed established lantana bushes from many yards.  Until… Until is a powerful word. It… Continue reading Pulchritudinous

The ABCs of Christmas!

During this Advent season, an elf helped remind me of the ABC’s of Christmas: Anticipate joyBe kindCount your blessingsDreamExpress gratitudeForgiveGive cheerfullyHarm no oneImagine possibilitiesJettison angerKeep confidencesMake peaceNurture hopeOpen your mindPlay fairQuell rumorsReciprocate goodnessSeek wisdomTouch heartsUnderstandValue truthWelcome diversityXeriscapeYearn for holinessZealously care for others Wait, I Love this list, but the elf left out a letter! Noel! Noel! Noel!… Continue reading The ABCs of Christmas!

Social Justice Team update

Seeking JUSTICE through Prayer, Action, Love, Ministry & Support P. A. L. M. S. The Church of the Palms Social Justice Team, which is part of the Board of Mission & Outreach, is moving forward by addressing major social justice issues of our times. Using the scripture passage from Micah 6:8, “And what does the… Continue reading Social Justice Team update