God is still creating you.

It is Good – The Story of Creation.

In Genesis we are told that God created, and it was good!

God created the sun and the moon. But have you noticed? Arizona has some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets that I have ever seen! Trans and non-binary people are like those sunrises and sunsets – full of shades of color that we fail to see during the brightness of day or the shadows at night. And it is good.

God created the earth and the oceans. But have you ever walked along a beach? Trans and non-binary people are kind of like that walk. Beautiful. A balanced oasis that’s not quite like the ocean, nor quite like the ground. And it is good.

God created birds of the air and fish of the sea. But have you ever seen a puffin that swims and flies? Or a snakehead fish or walking catfish that swims but also crawls on the ground? How about a turtle or swan? All of these creatures spend time in the water and on the land! Well trans and non-binary people are kind of like that part of creation. Full of life. A creative combination of characteristics that is mind blowing. And it is good.

God also created male and female, in God’s own image, God created them. In the same way that God created realities in between, outside of, and beyond day and night, ground and water, or fish and birds, so God also created people with genders beyond male and female. Trans, non-binary, agender, and intersex, God created us. All different sorts of people for all different sorts of relationships. Created from love to love and be loved. In God’s image we live. And it is good.

God is still creating you. You are no less beautiful than a sunset or a beach or a puffin. You are loved. You have a place here. And it is good.

Shalom, Paul

I am indebted to Rev. Asher O’Callaghan for the inspiration of this piece.