A Different Way of Doing Grief — Small-Group Sessions with Shea Darian

Shea Darian, M.Div., invites you to join her for “something completely new and different: a ministry offering called Doing Grief in Real Life. This is NOT a grief class, and it is NOT a grief support group as you might know it.

“It is an opportunity to explore what you know about yourself and your healing process and make good use of it by joining a ‘Healing Circle’ small group with three or four others. Together, we will build caring, trustworthy relationships in which we give and receive acceptance, compassion and an experience of deep listening to one another. After taking part in my past small groups, participants have said, ‘I have never felt so loved or so deeply listened to in my life.’”

Shea held small-group sessions in the fall and will be forming new groups in the coming weeks. To participate, contact Shea at 602-315-8480 or info@sheadarian.com.