How we express our love of creation

closeup of bee on purple flower

Love of creation is part of the “3 Great Loves” that our denomination is focusing upon. Can you name the other two? Right: neighbor and children. Much of our efforts these last couple of years has focused on love of neighbor. We are to love thy black, poor, differently-abled, immigrant, Islamic, and atheist neighbor. Much of our social justice ministry has been designated to loving the diverse people around our church and in the surrounding metropolitan area. That love includes children with our ministry with the Hart Pantry and others. We hope to continue with our involvement in these important ministries.

This year, we’ll be paying attention to our love of creation. How can we be better stewards of our natural resources on our journey through life? That takes many forms—from recycling to walking the labyrinth to putting solar panels on our roof. If you’re interested in creation justice, we have a group that is challenging us to new and exciting ministry opportunities: Our Creation Justice Task Force. They’re always looking for new people to help turn dreams into action and honor creation.

Shalom, Paul