The Palms Receives $5K Hybrid Church Grant

By John Durbin, Moderator

A team consisting of representatives from the Boards of Worship and Fine Arts, Lifelong Learning, the Digital & Technical Team, and Pastors and Moderators recently wrote and received a grant of $5,000 from the UCC’s Southwest Conference to expand our hybrid church activities. Hybrid church activities include those actions we were compelled to take because of Covid-19. They include online worship services and our Bridges programs. What we learned during this time of being on healthy hiatus is that, through technology, we can stay connected visually and auditorily, in large and small groups, even though we are separated physically.

Our grant provides the opportunity to purchase a stand-alone laptop computer dedicated to facilitating classes, board, committee, team meetings, and various other small group gatherings. In addition to the stand-alone laptop, we will be purchasing several Chromebook tablets to be preloaded with the applications and links needed to participate in the gatherings listed above. This will provide opportunities for members of our church family who have been unable to participate in our programs because of technological disadvantages to become more fully engaged.

Watch for additional information on the Hybrid Church as we roll it out.