Perryville Women Appreciate Clothing Donations

A big THANK YOU to all who have donated clothing to help women exiting Perryville Prison reenter society.

Here’s a little peek from beyond your donations:

  • While waiting their turns to leave, the women select their outfits and love to model them for each other and make comments. “You look beautiful.” “That color is just right for you.” “That looks perfect.”
  • “I haven’t worn anything but orange in 25 years.”
  • “Please thank the ladies at church for this. We are so happy to have it.”
  • “Oh, this is better than Christmas.”

The need for clothing donations of tops, blouses and pants of all sizes is ongoing. Please no scarves or belts. No underwear, no outerwear, no nightclothes, no shoes, no see-through items, hats, or jewelry please.