So, I ask again:

Be the Church! You hear me say that often around The Palms. Our new directory even used that theme – giving it a punny twist: Bee the Church! So, as we journey through Eastertide, do you go to church or are you the church? Another way to ask that same thing is: Do you approach church with a consumer or missional point of view?

As we journey through this season emerging from the chrysalis to full butterfly, our attitude is pivotal. Some sojourners are interested in a consumer church. Their attitude views church as a dispenser of goods and services. “I want to be entertained,” they seem to say. It’s the job of the church to feed them what they want.

Other sojourners want their eyes open to the social justice opportunities of mission. Their attitude asks not, “What do I want?” but “how can I be of service to the poor and disenfranchised?” Service to others is prioritized over their own personal needs.

So, I ask again: do you go to church or are you the church?

Shalom, Paul