One last top 10 list before sabbatical!

Before I head out on Sabbatical, I wanted to give you one more Top Ten list.   

  1. I hope that during this time of discernment that you increase your giving of time, talent, and treasure to the church. Now is the time to demonstrate in word and in deed that you love the church. Be the Church!
  2. Talk to Suzanne Boisclair, our Chair of the Executive Board, for opportunities to step up your commitment to The Palms. Be the Church!
  3. I like to sing loudly during the hymns in worship. Sing loudly this summer. Can’t sing? Sing even louder! Pastor Jim will love it! Be the Church!
  4. Communicate! Communicate! Communicate! Make sure you let Pastor Jim know the things he needs to know. He, like me, has failed mind-reading school. Talk with Lindsey, our Office Manager, talk with our Member-at-large of the Executive Board John Durbin. Talk and listen. But do more listening than talking. Be the Church!
  5. Pray for Pastor Jim, and for the leadership at The Palms during this sabbatical time. Pray for each other. Pray without ceasing! Be the Church!
  6. Be patient with Pastor Jim and with the leadership. I assure you that they’ll be trying their best, but mistakes will happen. Give them the grace needed for them to succeed. Be the Church!
  7. Tell a pun or a dad joke in my honor. Remember to laugh a lot. Be joyful. Celebrate all of the goodness that God is doing. Be the Church!
  8. Love each other unconditionally, work for justice for the marginalized, and provide radical hospitality to all. Be the Church!
  9. Step up your involvement in activities while I’m gone. I know I have repeated this one in this list but it is really important. Be the Church!
  10. Be The Palms! Be the palms of Jesus! Be the church!