Meet the Moderator

Judy Pinter

Hello to all my Church friends!

Most of you know me, but some of you are new.  I’m new too, because I am the new Moderator, and I hope to represent well the Church that I so love.  I will be learning as quickly as I can what is expected of me, and I would like to surprise…in a good way!


Many of you know that my past religious history was Catholic.  After I left the Catholic Church, I was Mormon for five years.  Then there were decades of being a Christian without a home.  When my husband and I decided we wanted to belong to a church again in 2011, I needed a church of love, not a church of judgment.  And that is what we have.  The Church of the Palms is welcoming and loving and aims to help us be the Christians we want to be.

If ever you have a concern, a wish, an idea, a problem, please seek out me or one of our Members-at-Large or any board member.  We are here to work with you to keep our Church open, welcoming, and loving.  This Church has made me want to be better.  This Church has shown me how to look at people in a different way.  Thank you to all who have shined a light of example to me.  Thank you for giving me a challenging opportunity.  Thank you for being so accepting of all people. Thank you for being “HOME”.

Judy Pinter, Moderator