Meet Joy!

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Annette (Joy) Sheridan as our new Office Assistant. Yes, she would like to be called Joy. Her name matches her personality and we are excited to welcome her aboard. Joy’s previous experience includes her 15+ years as a Senior Administrative Assistant and Client Relations Support. She has worked in multi-industry environments. Joy has also worked as a business Health Administrative Assistant through Banner Health, has been a Human Resource Recruitment Specialist. She is a licensed real estate agent and is a notary public.

Currently Joy has been working in the field of non emergency medical transportation and enjoys working with all people, especially “seasoned adults”. When asked what she likes to do most, Joy’s response was, “I want to contribute and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Joy began training on Monday, July 11th. Bertie Fitch, Suzanne Boisclair, Ann Plaziak, and Pastor Jim will provide coverage in the office to assist you with the needs you may have. You’ve been so patient and gracious as we have journeyed together in this process. Please continue to communicate and provide as much lead time as possible for the projects and items that you need from the office as we minister together at The Palms.