Let’s play . . . Name That Carol!

Jingle Bells Christmas music

Below are random lines from 30 different Christmas hymns, carols, and popular songs. See how many you can identify!

  1. Down where he lay
  2. Silent stars go by
  3. In heavenly peace
  4. Ride and sing
  5. Field and fountain
  6. And sweet the words
  7. Dancing through the night
  8. Cold winter’s night
  9. Made of snow
  10. Pulling on the reigns
  11. How are thy leaves
  12. Gather near to us
  13. I used to know
  14. Snow is glistening
  15. No place to go
  16. King of angels
  17. Triumph of the skies
  18. You would even say
  19. The mountains in reply
  20. Deep and crisp
  21. Prepare him room
  22. Our finest gifts
  23. To you and your kin
  24. Dressed up like Eskimos
  25. Only in my dreams
  26. Bushels of fun
  27. My true love
  28. The weary world rejoices
  29. What a laugh
  30. Smile after smile

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