Know Someone in Need of Prayers?

With all the ongoing changes in our lives and the church life, many of us have special prayer needs for ourselves or others. Since the pencils and forms for submitting names for the prayer list are no longer available in the pews, there are several ways to communicate this desire. The first step is to ask the individual if they would like to be placed on the church’s prayer list. Then you have several options as outlined below:

  • Call the church office and ask Lindsey to add the individual to the prayer list
  • Tell Pastor Paul or Pastor Jim
  • Inform a member of the Care Team

Care Team members are:

Jan Alexander
Vickie Ashenbrenner
Suzanne Boisclair
Laurie Cathey
Bobbie Chapman
John and Pat Durbin

Doris Gott
Eric Holmes
Judy Jondahl
Dave Klingensmith
Kay Klinkenborg
Lurene Ladd

Steve Meoli
Carolyn Modeen
Randolph Omahana
Scott Patrick
Diana Shalzi

You can also contact one of the Care Team members — consult your church directory for contact information — if you have need for other services, such as transportation for appointments or events, someone to check in or visit, or who would benefit from a greeting card and one or more of the team will assist in making that happen. Once we can say goodbye to COVID restrictions, the Care Team will also be providing educational opportunities for maintaining healthy lives and maybe even changing our lifestyles a bit. Together, we can send forth our prayers and continue being the church, sharing unconditional love, justice and extravagant welcome.

The Care Team Mission: Assist the Pastors when our community needs help spiritually, physically, emotionally, or socially.

WISE Steering Committee: Andrea Stefanov, Anita Paulson, Judy Jondahl, Karen Lapointe, Kay Klinkenborg, Mike Astle, Nancy Nonini, Phil Ladd, Pastor Paul, Pastor Jim