It’s time to Bee the Church. 

Connecting names and faces challenges all of us. Have you ever finished having a lovely conversation with someone at church but 10 seconds after you walk away you can’t remember their name? Or ever see an old friend at church, but you get home, and their name escapes you? Ever look at a prayer list and see a familiar name but you can’t connect the name with the face?
It’s time to Bee the Church 🐝.
Bee the Church is our theme for our new photo directory. It’s different than the directories with which you might be familiar:

  • There’s no pressure to buy anything.
  • Once done it will be updateable as people join or leave.
  • It includes a brief paragraph to describe the person.

 But it is not complete without you! We need your picture to complete it.  
This month we are taking pictures of folks after worship. Just a few minutes of your time is all it takes, and you can help us stay connected and Bee the Church.
Shalom, Paul