Dysart Community Center News

Dysart Community Center

The following memo was received from Dysart Community Center Executive Director Annie Ansell:

Please express our joy and gratitude for all the hard work and gifts given by members of The Church of the Palms. It has been a remarkable partnership. The church has made such a practical difference in the lives of our families and are helping in such a meaningful way to break the cycle of poverty.

Prior to Covid, a small group from The church spent some time once a week with children at Dysart playing games and simply relating to these children during the after-school hours. There would be occasional homework help needed. The staff at Dysart expressed their thanks saying these children enjoy getting attention from adults.

If you are interested in being part of such a group, you may contact either Jane Lane or Linda Hofmann. Jane was part of the pre-Covid group and can certainly tell you about her experience at DCC.