Happy Pride!

Happy Pride

June is Pride Month! Happy Pride to our LGBTQ+ siblings and advocates!

The Church of the Palms UCC is celebrating 8 years as being an Open and Affirming Congregation. (YAY!!!) This designation lets the world know that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are welcome in our church – to worship, to participate, and to lead – just as they are.

Like the banner we have hanging outside near the King Hall entrance says,  “No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey, you’re welcome here!” That is not just a phrase; it’s a practice here at The Palms. We are ALL one body in Christ.

Consider this Queer call to worship:

We, of many backgrounds and identities, personalities, and ideas, gather collectively in shared pursuit of the Sacred.
Together, we make up the body of Christ.
Wherever one of us is in pain,
our whole body aches.
Whenever one of us is cut off,
The whole body is wounded.
Whoever is kept away by discriminatory policies or practices or prejudices,
Our collective soul suffers the loss of their presence.
We need one another in order to be whole.

(source: enfleshed.com)

While Pastor Paul is on sabbatical, other Palms folks are filling in to write his weekly email.

This week’s “Ponderings” was written by our office manager, Lindsey Riley.