Catching up on things

Can you believe it is September? Where did August go? And for that matter, where have July, June, May, April, and 2020, 2015, 2000, 1980 gone? If you feel as if the world is spinning faster than your ability to process it all, take heart, you are not alone. Many of us are in that club.

To help us all get caught up in the things that occurred and are happening at the church, here is a short list of recent happenings and where we are in the process of those events. 

  • Our solar panels have not turned on yet because there are a couple of parts that are backordered. Covid-19 has slowed the production of those parts.
  • Elaine Bunney Klauser retired as our organist this summer. We’ve made inquiries at schools and we’re networking. No success as of yet. Thanks be to God that we have Pastor Jim.
  • A new Constitution and Bylaws have been written, approved by our Council, and will go to the congregation for a vote on September 26 immediately after worship.
  • Our website is getting a facelift. Expect to see a new design this month.
  • Our Feet-n-More Shower Trailer ministry just finished its sixth month of service and has given 250 showers.
  • Choir practice started up. It’s so great to have a choir singing in worship.
  • We’ll have an organ dedication on Sunday, October 10.
  • We’ll celebrate All Saints’ Day on Sunday, October 31.
  • We won’t be hosting a Thanksgiving Day meal. However, we will be collecting money for the food bank like we did last year.
  • Plus, our Life-Long-Learning continues with a variety of classes and learning opportunities throughout the fall.

Surely there are other things (and don’t call me Shirley) happening. We’ll do our best to update you. Until then, know that I am glad to be one of your pastors.

Shalom, Paul