“Lantana is a high maintenance weed that will take over in the summer and die back in the winter. I hate it.” Yep. That’s what I said, and it is how I felt for most of my adult life. I have removed established lantana bushes from many yards.  Until… Until is a powerful word. It… Continue reading Pulchritudinous

Tuning our Ears for a Sabbatical

Sabbaticals are a time for tuning our ears for listening carefully, for discerning the texture and quality of our own paths, for attending to God’s unceasing, creative plea amidst the noise of cultural pressures, the busyness of life, and our own self-limiting habits. Sabbaticals are for pastors and for congregations. I will be going on… Continue reading Tuning our Ears for a Sabbatical

Lessons from Frog and Toad

Arnold Lobel wrote a series of books, which on the surface appear to be children’s books, called Frog and Toad. Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that they’re for adults, too. In one particular story, Toad is admiring Frog’s garden and wishing he could have a similar one. Frog tells him that he can and gives… Continue reading Lessons from Frog and Toad

Holy Week Events

April 10: Palm Sunday, 10:00 a.m. Sunday in the Sanctuary. Choir presentation. April 14: Maundy Thursday Service, 5:00 p.m. Thursday at United UCC, 11250 N. 107th Ave., Sun City. Joint service with United UCC, Church of the Palms, Desert Garden UCC, and Sun City Christian Church. Communion will be served. April 15: Good Friday Service,… Continue reading Holy Week Events

Word of the year

Two years ago, we adjusted our sails due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Phrases rarely used have entered our everyday vocabulary: vaccination, booster, asymptomatic, contact tracing, flatten-the-curve, social distancing, herd immunity, isolation, lockdown, mask up, quarantine. One of the ways out of this pandemic is to learn new phrases. I want to introduce you to the… Continue reading Word of the year