5th anniversary as Senior Pastor

This past week marked my 5th anniversary as Senior Pastor at The Palms. Thank you for all of the patience you have shown me – thank you for the grace you have demonstrated. Thank you for the love and support you have shown my family.

As I have reflected over this anniversary…

I am amazed at the ministry God has done with us – it’s not you or me – but God’s Spirit working through us.

Here’s a top ten (plus three) list (in no particular order) of highlights for me.

  1. The ordinations of Pastor Jim, Debby, and Shea!
  2. Bringing on Pastor Jim full-time!
  3. Solar Panels / Creation Justice Team!
  4. New organ!
  5. New doors and security system!
  6. Feet-N-More Shower Trailer!
  7. Flying the Rainbow Flag!
  8. Redoing the sign!
  9. I-Help Program!
  10. Becoming a WISE Congregation!
  11. Doubling our endowments!
  12. Social Justice Ministry!
  13. Leading the SWC in new members!

 And so many, many more!

That’s being the church!  Good job, Church of the Palms. I am so very proud of you. Now, what will the next five years bring?

Shalom, Paul