The Rules Change This Sunday

We’re back this week! The CDC has lifted much of the protocols for in-person worship — we can return to what we know and love. I’m excited, nervous, and a little scared. Just when we figured out how to operate under the terms of a pandemic, the rules changed, and we’re needing to adjust our sails!

This Sunday, June 20, masks will not be required in worship for people who have been vaccinated. Singing out loud will be allowed, too. Social distancing is reduced. You can sit where you want to sit.

All along I have said that we will not follow what a president or governor says but rather we will listen to the CDC. Well, the CDC has spoken. It is written down. And vaccinated people can return to normal practices within worship.

So, come as you are this Sunday — even if you’re like me and are excited, nervous, and a little scared. If you feel that you need to continue to wear a mask, you’ll get no negative judgment. Do what makes you feel safe. The Palms is a no-judgment zone! Sing out loud! Be the church!

Shalom, Paul

P.S. Last week I mentioned my top ten plus three list. A couple of you reminded me of other big, big things that deserve mention: 

  1. Our 50th anniversary celebration
  2. Creation of our Labyrinths
  3. Our chiller (a/c unit for the sanctuary, narthex, and King Hall)

So now, I guess, it’s a top ten plus six! It is wonderful to be a part of a congregation where there is so much going on that it’s hard to recall everything!