What’s more exciting: congregational meetings or watching paint dry?

It’s an exciting time to be the church!
Watching paint dry. Congregational meetings. Some sermons…okay…many sermons! Boring, boring, boring! That can often be the case – but not this time!
For quite some time, our former moderator, Judy Jondahl, has led a group of dedicated church folks on redoing and updating our church’s constitution and bylaws (CaB). It started back in February 2020 when our Conference Minister, Bill Lyons, came to give us his assessment of our documents. His message to us was clear: While they had served us well in the past, it was time to redo them, and this revision needed to be more than just wordsmithing – this was no fresh coat of paint. The idea of how we gather and do what we do needed to be built from the ground up. Bill illustrated his point by trying to calculate how many people were needed to fulfill positions of leadership…we stopped counting when we hit ninety (90) and we hadn’t finished counting the total needed!
In the months that followed that February 2020 meeting, work was done from scratch on what was needed for us to move onward while giving us the flexibility to adjust our sails as we travel. That work was approved by our council in August. Now, it will come before the congregation for vote on September 26 after worship.
In September we will have “Constitution and Bylaws Moments” each week in worship. Just think of them as children’s moments for us – where we will address the issues and content of the changes in short messages as we journey toward our congregational meeting. Our team who helped develop the new CaB will also be available for your questions after every worship service in September.
It’s an exciting time to be the church!
Shalom, Paul