What’s in your spiritual emergency kit? 

One evening last week as it was getting dark at my house, the electricity went out. We checked our breaker box and determined it was a neighborhood outage. APS was notified. It was about 103° outside at that time. I checked on our neighbors, who are blind; the lights going out didn’t bother them like it did us – go figure!
While we could still barely see, candles were lit, and flashlights were located. And then we just sat. With no TV, radio, or electronics to entertain us, what were we to do? Fortunately, we had an emergency s’mores kit. Yep, just in case of such an emergency, we had s’mores supplies – you can never be too ready for these things!
The outage was short-lived, about an hour, and then we went about the process of resetting all the electronic gadgets.
So, what is in your emergency kit? Water? Matches or flashlights? What is in your spiritual emergency kit? When emotional storms hit, what do you do? What helps keep you afloat?
We take for granted so many things that make the life we know possible: electricity, running water, a/c, even electronic gadgets. What do we take for granted in our spiritual life?
This week, celebrate the people and the blessings that help you along the way. If we can do that, when the storms rear their ugly heads, we’ll be in a better frame of mind to handle them. Have a faith emergency kit ready. 
Shalom, Paul
P.S. And don’t forget to pack chocolate bars to ease those moments of stress!