What Would Our Dreams Look Like?

In some Native American cultures, there’s a talisman called a “dream catcher.” They’re popular folk-art items. A dream catcher resembles a spider’s web made of yarn. It’s adorned with decorative feathers and beads.

According to ancient lore, parents were to hang the dream catcher over the cradle of a newborn infant. The device would catch only the child’s good dreams, letting the bad ones escape through the spaces between the strands.

What would our dreams look like if we hung a dream catcher over our beds? Would we, could we catch the dream of God for our lives? Would that love be unconditional? Would justice flow like waters nourishing our souls? Could we possibly catch a vision of such radical hospitality that even we are welcomed?

There are few things we pursue in this life that are more holy than dreaming. Dream big, Church of the Palms, to the point where we catch each and every opportunity to be the palms of Jesus. I hope you can join us on our retreat this weekend as we learn about decolonization.

Shalom, Paul