We have a ‘fob-u-lous’ church!

John Durbin first used the term – “We have a ‘fob-u-lous’ church!”
We are “fob-u-lous” in so many ways: people, talent, leadership, resources, and blessings. And now even in security. Yep.
The key code entrance near King Hall has changed; no longer are there codes to enter. If you are leading a group or meeting and/or need access outside of normal business hours, you will need a key fob (thus the “fob” comment). Fobs will be given out in the office to folks who need them. Most folks, coming during business hours, won’t need them—there is a buzzer that you push and office personnel will respond and unlock the door electronically.
This move is for the safety of staff, members, and the community who use the building. Remember to smile as you enter because you will be on camera. That’s right, as part of the security system, cameras have been installed. They will help identify exactly who is at the door. Thanks for your patience as we all learn how best to operate the system.
All of you are fantabulous! 
Shalom, Paul