Pastor Paul’s Thanksgiving Facts

A Bountiful Harvest Read, listen, and think about this, our shared history. BY THE ENGLISH CALENDAR, it is autumn 1621. For the Wampanoag, it is Keepunumuk, the time of the harvest. In a small settlement on the edge of the sea,  more than 90 Native men,  members of the Wampanoag Nation, share food with 52… Continue reading Pastor Paul’s Thanksgiving Facts

“Don’t Stray From Your Good Road”

“Don’t Stray From Your Good Road”an Indigenous worship service at Church of the PalmsSunday, November 6, 2022 at 10:00 am This worship service is in honor and celebration of National Native American Heritage Month. All liturgies and prayers are from Indigenous writers. Including our scripture text: Luke 11:2b-4 found in The First Nations Version: An… Continue reading “Don’t Stray From Your Good Road”

Awakening Racial Injustice: Arizona Indigenous Tribes

By Nancee Noel Having lived in Arizona for 16 years, I am surprised how little acknowledgement and attention is given to the many indigenous people who also inhabit our state. There are actually 22 federally recognized tribes in Arizona. That’s a lot of people! I won’t try to name the tribes, as anyone interested can… Continue reading Awakening Racial Injustice: Arizona Indigenous Tribes