Putting a funny touch on crafting resolutions

As we look towards a brand new year, one of the most age-old things to do takes center stage once more – setting resolutions.

Resolutions are a tradition where people set goals or intentions, aiming to bring positive changes in various areas such as health, relationships, habits, personal development or choices.  

I usually try for a funny touch when crafting resolutions. Injecting humor into them infuses an element of fun and light-heartedness, making the journey towards achieving them more enjoyable and sustainable. Moreover, resolutions which are funny nurture a resilient approach, empowering individuals to navigate challenges with a smile and a determined spirit.

Since my humor never graduated junior high, let’s explore child-like resolutions that instill positive habits and spark joy.

  • I will become a certified superhero by finishing my ice cream first yet not getting a brain freeze.
  • I will master the art of making silly faces in the mirror every morning.
  • I will try to spell my name correctly… all year.
  • I will commit to making people laugh at least once a day with a joke or funny dance or getting them to look in the mirror.
  • I will try to keep my artificial plants alive all year long.
  • I will try and tie my shoes correctly with the right shoe on the right foot.
  • I will master sleeping with my eyes open in church worship services.
  • I will not say, “Good morning!” at church during an evening service.
  • I will try the “no vegetables left behind” policy at meals; sneakily feed them to the dog instead.
  • I will develop the ability to identify five different bird species in the backyard and give them secret agent names.

May your New Year be filled with joy!

Shalom, Paul