Music to Our Ears

Greetings from the Mod Squad,

OK, the truth is none of us are in the choir. In fact, we have such great respect for Pastor Jim and the members of the choir that we would not want to damage their fine reputation by inflicting our voices upon them. But we do love music! And we especially love the beautiful voice sounds that come from the hearts and out the mouths of our choir members. We are looking forward to the day when our beautiful new organ will have someone with the skill to bring its full capabilities to us. We find it interesting that most members of our congregation, who grew up with the notion that you are to remain stoic during worship service and are too self-conscious to stand up, start waving their arms and “amening” after another beautiful song, have resorted to frequent clapping, another taboo from prior times. Music is a very important and moving part of our worship experience. Reverend Rob Still, a worship pastor, songwriter, missionary and coach, puts it this way: “Music is a precious resource to enable people to worship God.”

Consider these four aspects:

  • Music in worship helps us commune with God. It is unique in its tangible and intangible ability to connect deeply with the human soul.
  • Music in worship gives us the vocabulary and actions to express praise and worship. It encourages our brothers and sisters when we sing or hear sung the truths of God.
  • Music both expresses and affects our emotions so that we grow closer to God. It inspires, informs, and motivates us to grow spiritually.
  • Music helps unite and encourages us to be the body of Christ, to “be the church.”

Indeed, our music ministry is a very important part of what makes our Church of the Palms a very special place. Those of us who have been around awhile have seen the music program grow and flourish under the leadership of Pastor Jim and the encouragement of Pastor Paul. So, give our music team (choir, soloists, accompanists, bell ringers) a real hug or a virtual hug and let them know how much we love and support them. And be thinking about how we can support this wonderful ministry going forward and incorporating our new organ, with all its potential, into the mix as we move to the next level.

Psalm 92:1 “It is good to praise the Lord and make music to your name, O Most High.”

Sending love,

The Mod Squad: Jerry, Suzanne, John