Making lists, crossing things off

I love making lists, especially to-do lists. Making lists keeps me on track and moving in the right direction. I had a seminary professor that told us to put even the most mundane things on a to-do list. Why? The psychological high it gives when crossing off those items on the list!

I also love top 10 Lists. Here is my Top 10 List for This Fall:

  1. Find ways to creatively care for creation.
  2. Have a passion for justice.
  3. Cultivate a servant’s heart.
  4. Combine compassion with action.
  5. Make your hospitality extravagant.
  6. Be cheerful in your generosity.
  7. Make your love unfailing.
  8. Be faithful in forgiveness.
  9. Make a place for peace within and around you.
  10. Adjust your sails and behold the vision God is providing right here right now.

Shalom, Paul