Learning the art of listening is much harder than…

Harry Emerson Fosdick once told the story of a woman who was left a widow fairly young in life. Having to earn a living, she put an ad in the paper saying that for $2.50 an hour she would listen to anybody talk about anything. Her idea was such a success that within two years she had a staff of almost 50 people just listening to others.
That story may be an exaggeration, but it contains a hard-core truth about life. Most of us are much better at talking than we are at listening. Many of us don’t know how to really listen.
This week, be intentional about listening—to your neighbors, your family, your friends, creation (birds, coyotes, and such).
Learning the art of listening is much harder than learning the art of talking. But it is well worth the effort. At least, that’s what I hear!
Shalom, Paul