If We’re Going to Worry…

Is 2020 over yet? Please make it stop!

For just about everyone, this year brought a shroud of uncertainty with no job being recession proof, and budgets shrinking with demands expanding.  Often these times bring on a sense of worry. The gospels tell us not to worry. Yet, it is hard to expect anyone not to worry at least some during this time; So, if we’re going to worry, I suggest we just worry about worthy things.

Things not to worry about:

  • Perfect plans (or trying to be perfect for that matter)
  • Wrinkled clothes or faces
  • Scratches in the paint
  • Scores (especially if you’re a Cardinal fan)
  • Burnt stuff (tell folks that’s really Cajun, not burnt)
  • Enough time (there never is)
  • Newsletter / Paul at the Palms / annual report deadlines
  • Speling

Things to worry about:

  • Did I say a least one kind thing to the people at home, work, or the marketplace?
  • Does everyone in the family (including those not related by blood) know that I love them?
  • Is there gentleness, forgiveness, and patience (or at least one of the three) in my heart?
  • What am I doing to help the poor and the marginalized in this community?

As you read this, know that I love you and wish for you a less worrisome new year (it can’t be worse, right?). Time to flush 2020 goodbye. Just check your TP supply first! God Bless you. 

Shalom, Paul