Easily dispose of your old electronics

AZStRUT’s electronics recycling is back! If you have electronics around the house that are no longer being used, bring them to

  • Shadow Rock UCC, January 7–9 – or –
  • to Church of the Palms no later than 1 pm on January 7

Besides being diverted from our landfills, they will be disassembled and repaired for use by local nonprofits and also used to educate young people. It’s a win for everyone!

Mark your calendars now: Max, Kay, and other volunteers will get them delivered on January 7th to Shadow Rock. The deadline to have your old electronics to The Palms is 1 p.m. Thursday, January 7th. Please place them on tables in the west end of King Hall.

What they accept:

All audio/video equipment; answering systems; cable boxes; calculators; cameras (digital or film); CD-ROM drives; cell phones, circuit boards/semiconductors, computer (all desktops, laptops, notebooks, servers, accessories, or other hardware), connectors, copiers or printers, DVD players, floppy drives, hard drives, home entertainment systems, insulated cable/cable assemblies, keyboards, mainframe computer equipment, medical equipment, computer mice, paging systems, PDAs, Point of Sale equipment, power supplies, rack systems, security/surveillance systems, telecommunication systems, telephones, television (NO CRTs), test equipment, typewriters, VCR players, video game equipment.